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The reasons for this web site are as follows: A. There are two reasons for studying Apologetics:1 to convince unbelievers, 2 and to instruct and built up believers. There is a need to counter the naturalistic evolutionary teachings that often lead to atheism. In the US, 70% of the 20-30 yr age group no longer attend church and drop away from the faith. This is due to believing the Bible is not true and has many myths and fables. This has also led to a majority belief in moral relativism and that there are no absolute moral truths. There is a need to reach out to youth on these topics. B. Let’s form a Jacksonville, Fl apologetics group to study and share on these topics.  We can have monthly meetings in person, and watch a video or slide presentation or have a discussion of a topic. We can also have a monthly online web meeting where no travel is needed. C.  Papers, presentations and web and links can be posted on the web site for more information on Apologetics, Creation Science, and Christian views of philosophy.  Please email me of your interest in meeting or sharing on the topic. Click here to Contact us.

 In Christian Summary Apologetics, and effort is made to summarize and condense the best references and reasoning on a topic. This is what most of the papers and power point files herein do.




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