Dr. Jim Tofflemire was and engineer and research scientist for 40 yrs. He has a Dr. of Engr. in Environmental Engr. and Masters in Christian Ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ. He has written over 50 publications in various media and technical journals and is a Distinguished Toastmaster-DTM. For the last 6 years he has pursued his interest in apologetics. He has recently finished a book with Author House titled: Evidences for God and his Creations: Nature, the Flood and the Bible. A Summary Apologetics Book Assembling a Puzzle. A reference list of books and DVD's available for borrowing is posted on the web site.



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Dr. Jim Tofflemire has taught children's lessons in after school programs for 5 yrs. His specialties include Creation Science, Apologetics & World Views and History. Creation Science can be broken down into lessons on Astronomy, Biology, and Geology. Apologetics & World Views includes lessons on the laws of logic, and common arguments for the existence of God, and arguments against competing world views including naturalism, humanism, skepticism, polytheism and pantheism. He has taught lessons for 2nd grade through high school. Chapter Leader for ReasonableFaith.org and a video conf. coordinator for Answers in Genesis.





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