Age of the earth 101 arguments
Bible authenticity 2
Boa book apologetics
Cooper book Geneology
Craig articles
Creation Evoution Discussion M
creation theories
Habermas book Historical Jesus
Hartnett book astronomy
Heeren book astronomy
Introduction to Assumptions and Likely Bias
James book history
Kreeft Apologetics book
Languages Comrie
Lisle 1 Logic 1
Morris book 1 General
Mortenson book Coming to Grips With Genesis
Parker book biology
PCA Creation Report
Popkin Philosophy
Reference List Creation 1 2
Ross Genesis Question
Sanford book Genetics
Snelling book geology
Schaeffer How should we live then creation & time
Ross- More than a theory
Ross Beyond the Cosmos
Riddle Origin of Humans
Riddle Dating
Rana- Origin of Life
Rana and Ross-Who was Adam
Philosophy- Magee
Humphreys book
Schaeffer Manifesto
Sproul Classical Apologetics
Scott - Evolutionvs Creationism
Sire Primer on Apologetics
Satinover - Biblecodes
Ross - A Matter of Days
Niagara Falls Erosion AIG
Morris book old Long War Against God
Lilse-Taking back Astronomy
Lewis Miracles
Kreeft Pascal Pensees
Follis - Truth in Love
Craig - Reasonable Faith
Allen - Star Names
Can Numerology aid in Interpretation of the Days and Aspects of Creation
Carl Sagan book
Sire- Universe Next Door
Ham K. Raising Goodly Children
Evangelical Self-Identity and the Doctrine of Inerrancy
Bullinger Number in Scripture
Bible Translation History and Interpretation
Ward Rare Earth
Time in the bible and in Therory
Sekulow ACLJ Christian rights
Wheaton Book, University of Destruction
Barton book, America's Godly Hertitage





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